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Vision and Mission


  • To be respected locally, nationally and globally
  • Harness our talent and skills in applying unique, innovative and competitive technologies to excel in selected markets in the funeral service industry.
  • To be a funeral provider of choice for products we sell; and
  • To create wealth for benefits of all stakeholders.


Create value by providing our customers;

  1. Right products and outstanding personal service
  2. Payment options and financial services to meet their individual lifestyles and financial needs.
  3. Developing and training people for lifetime employability
  4. Making work challenging, exciting and rewarding
  5. Consistently creating wealth for employees


  • Share wealth for positive change in the quality of life of people in trade and support for education.
  • Be perceived both internally and externally as a caring organisation

- IPPP -

INTERGRITY We are open, honest, fair and inclusive in all our relationship. We make and keep commitments. We further accept and learn from constructive criticism. PEOPLE We treat the individual, our customers, employees, shareholders and funders with care and respect. PERFORMANCE To improve we must measure our performance. Goals must be clearly set and measured. Excellence is recognised, rewarded and results in career growth. PROFESSIONALISM We try to achieve our full potential as leaders and Thando Employees.

We commit to winning by:

(a) Learning as much as we can.
(b) Continuously improving what we do.
(c) Working as a disciplined team every day.

Premium Coffin Range

At Thando Funeral Services we have a wide range of quality coffins and caskets at very affordable prices to suit all pockets. We encourage you to visit our show-rooms to see for yourself.

- The Thando Team -

Our Dedicated Team is ready to assist with all your requirements.

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